Artist Statement

I graduated in architecture and I always liked to paint. I started taking painting more seriously in 2018, and in 2020 I had my first painting exhibition. This year I hope to start this exciting project and share my passion with you!

As a child I liked to do tiny drawings on the wallpaper next to the baseboard of my grandfather's office walls. I think it's one of the oldest memories I have of that time. I have always been a calm and observant child. I liked to observe people, their gestures, the way they talked and what they said. I found in this observation much more meaning than just words or gestures. Even today I am attentive to details and to their meanings. These sensations are the guiding line that leads me to the canvas with the intention to express what cannot be said.

Ballerinas & Flowers

I´m inspired by dance and photography. For me it represents a way to express deep feelings and a particular way to observe nature. Painting appears to me as a scenario where these passions co-inhabit. I try to express messages whose meanings are connected with the female sensitivity.

My ballerinas are portrayed in half-light, on black backgrounds, as they were small flames of intense light. The volumes of the skin merge into the dark backgrounds, often recalling the light/shadow contrasts of stage photography.

Invisible Cities

In my shop you will also find drawings and paintings of urban landscapes, whose influence comes from the practice of architecture.

Most of them are inspired by real images, photography or videos. The abstract paintings reflect the urban chaos and order, and are the origin of the collections "Abstract Cities" and "Invisible Cities".